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These notes discuss problems with individual records, as opposed to problems that affect all records from an agency, or problems that affect the entire Collection.

Record number error in the 2018 releases

I have been looking at the ARC records released by NARA on 26 April 2018 again, and there is at least one error identifying a record.

NARA 18 lists the record 104-10012-10037; it is available here

In fact, this record has the identification sheet for ARC 104-10012-10037 on top of it, but the document that follows the sheet is not ARC 104-10012-10037.…

Two more files

Just when I think I’ve squeezed all the data out of the various sources for the JFK ARC, another drop comes out. After checking NARA’s main page for the 2017-2018 releases, I discovered that there were two more pdf files I had not previously downloaded.

The page,, features a fancy html table that gives all the data from the NARA18 spreadsheet online — or so I thought.…