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NBR refers to ARC records that were designated “not believed relevant” to the JFK assassination. This designation was used by the Assassination Records Review Board for records which it decided not to process for release until 2017. See the notes in this category for further discussion.

NBR files in the ARC, part 4: The Cuban Revolutionary Council

This is my fourth post on NBR records in the JFK Assassination Records Collection. (See here for a general introduction to records designated NBR “not believed relevant”).

The CRC financial records

The documents I discuss in this post are financial records of the Cuban Revolutionary Council (CRC). The CRC was “an umbrella group of anti-Castro groups formed with the support of the U.S.…

NBR files in the ARC, part 2: The ARRB memos

[First posted on May 14, 2019, at]

This is Part 2 of a series of posts I am doing on CIA records in the ARC which were designated “not believed relevant” (NBR). This post corrects the NBR count for CIA documents given in Part I, examines the release history of these NBR documents, and begins a discussion of ARRB memos on groups of NBR records.…