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pdf problems at Mary Ferrell

The Mary Ferrell Foundation is my main source for ARC documents. I have a professional membership which allows me to download as many pdfs from their huge collection as I wish. I have very seldom had problems with this service, but after a lapse of several months without downloading anything, I have run into an odd glitch.…

More on the “old RIF numbers” at Mary Ferrell

[First posted on June 28, 2018, at]

This post is a continuation of my April 2018 post on the “old RIF numbers” formerly used in the JFK Assassination Record Collection (ARC) at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).

This ID system is no longer used at NARA, but there are still many documents using it in the important on-line version of the ARC at the Mary Ferrell website.…

“Old RIF numbers” at Mary Ferrell

[First posted on April 11, 2018, at]

This is a very technical post. It is intended for people who are seriously interested in finding ARC documents on-line at the Mary Ferrell Foundation website. Everyone else can skip this one.

RIF documents in the ARC

The JFK Assassination Record Collection (ARC) is the great repository of all Federal agency records related to the assassination of President John F.…