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The Mary Ferrell Foundation provides the most extensive set of ARC documents available on-line. These notes discuss various features and questions in the MFF collection.

New releases up at MFF!

That was fast.

The December 2022 releases in the ARC are up at the Mary Ferrell Foundation website. These will be OCR’d and integrated into the superb MFF document database, substantially enhancing their research value. Big thanks from researchers everywhere to Rex Bradford, head guru of the MFF.

As a bonus, Rex also has a long note up on what’s in and out of the new releases.…

Judge Tunheim’s letter to President Biden

Judge John Tunheim served as chair of the Assassination Records Review Board from 1994 to 1998, and together with the other four Board members, deserves much credit for the important accomplishments of the Board, the greatest of which was the successful creation of the massive JFK Assassination Records Collection (JFKARC or ARC), a most valuable contribution to the history of both the JFK assassination and to the historiography of the cold war as a whole.…

MFF files suit against Biden and NARA

On October 19th, the Mary Ferrell Foundation (MFF) filed suit against President Biden’s plan to release the remaining redactions in the JFKARC. For those confused by all this, a quick look back might be helpful.

In October 2021, President Biden issued a memo instructing Federal agencies with redacted materials in the ARC to get ready to release these by December 15, 2022 or to justify their continued redaction by jumping through an elaborate series of hoops.…

SISS records from the ARC now on line at Mary Ferrell

Some interesting ARC docs have recently been posted online at the Mary Ferrell Foundation website. These docs are records of executive session testimony before the SISS (Senate Internal Security Subcommittee), which conducted a “limited inquiry” into the JFK assassination in late 1963. The session records were acquired by the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB) all the way back in 1995, and are noted in the ARRB’s Final report (see here and here).…

Matching NARA to MFF, part 1: July 24 release

This is the first note in a new series on how the Mary Ferrell Foundation (MFF) managed to match up the records from NARA’s 2017-2018 ARC releases with the appropriate metadata and plug them in to their massive document archive.

This was a big, big job; my hat is off to them, particularly to Mary Ferrell Foundation President Rex Bradford, who doubles as the MFF’s website designer and programmer.…

pdf problems at Mary Ferrell

The Mary Ferrell Foundation is my main source for ARC documents. I have a professional membership which allows me to download as many pdfs from their huge collection as I wish. I have very seldom had problems with this service, but after a lapse of several months without downloading anything, I have run into an odd glitch.…

More on the “old RIF numbers” at Mary Ferrell

[First posted on June 28, 2018, at]

This post is a continuation of my April 2018 post on the “old RIF numbers” formerly used in the JFK Assassination Record Collection (ARC) at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).

This ID system is no longer used at NARA, but there are still many documents using it in the important on-line version of the ARC at the Mary Ferrell website.…

“Old RIF numbers” at Mary Ferrell

[First posted on April 11, 2018, at]

This is a very technical post. It is intended for people who are seriously interested in finding ARC documents on-line at the Mary Ferrell Foundation website. Everyone else can skip this one.

RIF documents in the ARC

The JFK Assassination Record Collection (ARC) is the great repository of all Federal agency records related to the assassination of President John F.…