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The JFK database was updated in 2021 (17 May 2021). This update, which I sometimes call NARA 21, has the standard metadata for individual items in the collection, and is updated to reflect the current status of documents in the collection: redacted, withheld, or released. This is the most current version of the JFK database, and should be the first reference consulted for the status of individual records.

NARA 21, part 11: Redacted CIA records – long

This is my 11th note on NARA 21, the updated version of the JFK ARC database (available here). See the first note in this series for more details on the what, when, why of this update.

This note concludes my look at redacted CIA documents in NARA 21. The three previous posts on this subject were two looks at short docs, and one look at mid-length docs.…

Oswald docs in the December 2021 releases

This post reviews newly released redactions from documents related to Lee Harvey Oswald (LHO), as posted at the National Archives website last December. Oswald is a key figure in Kennedy assassination documents, and the release of redactions in Oswald-related docs is always worth a close look.

The review this time is limited to LHO docs from the CIA, since these are more readily identified than LHO docs from other agencies, as will be seen below.…

NARA 21, part 7: Redacted CIA records – A cable from Helsinki

This note looks at a specific issue in the ARC, but since it looks at it in the context of the latest information on redactions, call it my seventh note on NARA 21, the updated version of the JFK ARC database (available here). NARA 21 is the most current resource for ARC redactions, incorporating all the info from the 2017-2018 releases/redactions.…