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The most recent release of redacted material from the ARC was on December 15, 2022. A great deal of material was released this time, but approximately 4000 records still have redactions. More coming on this.

Redacted CIA docs from the 1990s

My most recent note took a second look at redacted CIA docs from the 1940s, to see what is now open after the December 2022 releases. This note does the same thing for redacted docs from the 1990s. My original post on this subject from 2021 is here.

“Miscellaneous” CIA records: a recap

All of these 1990s records are notes, memos, letters, and cables about matters relating to the JFK Act and the ARRB, and are classified in the JFK database as “JFK-M”, where the M stands for miscellaneous.…

New releases up at MFF!

That was fast.

The December 2022 releases in the ARC are up at the Mary Ferrell Foundation website. These will be OCR’d and integrated into the superb MFF document database, substantially enhancing their research value. Big thanks from researchers everywhere to Rex Bradford, head guru of the MFF.

As a bonus, Rex also has a long note up on what’s in and out of the new releases.…

Short redacted CIA docs, 2022

This post picks up from the previous one, and continues grinding through comparisons with CIA redactions in 2021 and 2022 in order to get a better idea of what they are still holding out on us. This post looks at “short” (one page) redacted docs. I will suggest below that these short docs are still over-redacted.…

Back to the big picture: A second look at CIA redactions

My recent posts on HSCA documents in the ARC having reached the outer limits of inside baseball, this note will return to my more usual boring topic of counting records and redactions.

Pages and redactions redux: CIA still on top

For those new to my commentary, my interest is redaction/declassification of security classified documents, of which the JFK Assassination Records Collection had plenty.…

Zombies in the House, Part Trois

This is the third note in my “Zombies in the House” trilogy (just pray that it doesn’t turn into a quadrology). Although the title is frivolous, this error in reviewing, or indexing, or whatever it was, has a lesson behind it. I doubt very much whether my note will have more than a couple of readers, but I have done my best to draw that lesson.…

Zombies in the House

Almost all of my work on the latest JFKARC releases has been on CIA records. This is because they have by far the lion’s share of redactions, and redaction/declassification is my main interest.

The last couple of days, however, I have been looking at record releases from the HSCA, and naturally these records, like the CIA records, have their fair share of issues, including those blood-chilling archival spooks: zombie redactions!…