Siamese twin records

This note is really for my own reference, but may be helpful for one or two other people, somewhere, somehow.

Ever see a peanut M&M with two peanuts? If you have, that is what a siamese twin record is. The case I am looking at in this note is the 2023-06-28 release of record 124-10328-10029, with 31 pages (available here). As I was going through non-CIA records yesterday, this one stood out, because the 2022 release of record 124-10328-10029 (available here) had only 6 pages.

The RIF sheet for the 2023 release also says 6 pages, but as noted it has 31. Going through it page by page, it turns out that the extra pages are not from 124-10328-10029 but from 124-10328-10030. The record 124-10328-10030 was posted at NARA in 2022 (available here), apparently with no redactions left in it. This released in full record was somehow attached to 124-10328-10029, and the two were released again, as a double peanut file, on 2023-06-28.

This later release of 124-10328-10030 is a 100% copy of the 2022 version. On the other hand, the 2022 version of 124-10328-10029 had two redactions in it, while the 2023 version in the two peanut record is now released in full.1A variant of such “siamese twin” records can be found in the 2018 and 2022 releases of record number 180-10143-10099, which includes two copies of the record, one releasing most of the redactions and the other retaining them.