Two more files

Just when I think I’ve squeezed all the data out of the various sources for the JFK ARC, another drop comes out. After checking NARA’s main page for the 2017-2018 releases, I discovered that there were two more pdf files I had not previously downloaded.

The page,, features a fancy html table that gives all the data from the NARA18 spreadsheet online — or so I thought. One can click through the table 50 records at a time, until one finally reaches the bottom 1091 clicks later (the address uses the standard “”, “”, and so on). But this time, when I clicked on the last button, it went to “”, one more than I had remembered. And lo and behold, on page 1092, there were links to two more files that were not on NARA18. The files, 157-10014-10017 and 157-10014-10241, were both clearly prepared for the 2017-2018 releases. One of them, 157-10014-10017, was already on the MFF website in an earlier version, but this new version has text released that was still redacted on the MFF version. Apparently MFF has not yet discovered these final releases, because neither of these two pdfs are up on the MFF website.

So when did these things go up? Looking at the Wayback Machine, there are quite a few captures of, starting with its appearance on April 26, 2018. Most of the “page=’xxxx'” pages are not saved on WM, but if you hover over the html of the “last” button on the early pages, you can see that last = 1091. The final appearance of last = 1091 was June 23, 2018. The first appearance of last = 1092 was July 24. There are no captures in between these dates, so the file links were probably posted sometime in this one month period.