A letter from Tom Flores

An important issue in publishing security classified documents is whether to release the names of former intelligence officers. This is an important reason for continued redaction of JFKARC documents. Based on the CIA’s own index, it is probably the single largest reason for CIA redactions.

Unfortunately, because of the “chicken and egg” nature of the problem, we very seldom hear from the affected officers themselves. If their complaints are published, or the details of their problems released, they are effectively identified.

The latest releases from the ARC, however, have turned up some interesting examples of this seldom heard perspective. The new version of ARC record 104-10330-10083 includes a letter from former CIA officer Tom Flores protesting the release of his name in the collection, and finally gives us an example of the officers’ view.

Flores name on the letter was of course previously redacted, as were details of why he felt release of his name would be a problem. It is worth noting that Flores’ appeal to hold back his name was apparently successful. His name was redacted from most ARC records until 2018.