Compilation of redacted CIA documents: pre-2022 release version

[Note! The compilations discussed in this post have moved from Google Drive to Dropbox. Let me know if you have any trouble with viewing or downloads.]

This post introduces a long term project which I have finally finished. As noted many times, on this website and elsewhere, there are over 10,000 CIA documents in the JFKARC that still have redactions. I have assembled about 80 percent of these documents (8050 altogether) into a series of compilations which is now up on my Google drive Dropbox and available for download or viewing.

The link for the gdrive folder dropbox folder is here.

There is a general introduction to the compilation series available here.

There is also an excel spreadsheet which gives basic metadata for the documents, available here.

I expect that these redactions will all be released on December 15, 2022. Those who are interested in the very fine and messy details of the December release–the what and why–may find these compilations useful. These are not major reports or memos on the JFK assassination, so those who are not interested in details may of course pass over these files with no great loss.

If you are interested in what is still being held back in the collection, however, you have to look at very fine detail. Look at the compilation to see what’s really redacted, before jumping to conclusions based on second hand, inaccurate information.