Three years later

I posted my first note on the JFK ARC on November 14, 2017, so I’ve been writing on this subject for three years now. I had no particular goals when I began, so I can’t speak of any accomplishments to date.

I have, however, slowly acquired a few goals along the way.

I will continue trying to straighten out errors in the JFK ARC metadata. This is no doubt a never-ending task. The Collection is just too big to wipe out all errors in a few measly decades, but the effort must continue.

I still want to find out which of the JFK ARC records have not yet been released in full. I feel a reasonable view of the ARC is not possible until this distracting issue is finally laid to rest.

I will continue to write about gaps in the ACRS. Not all ARC records are listed in the ACRS. NARA is currently working on the ACRS, hopefully this will resolve some of these long standing issues. I will keep an eye on how they do.

Finally, because of my emphasis on metadata, I have posted very few notes about the reading I have done in ARC documents. Hopefully I will have an opportunity to fix that in the coming year.