ARC agency numbers

[First posted on May 4, 2018, at]

For those not in the know, most (but not all) records in the JFK Assassination Records Collection at NARA have finding aids called Reader Information Forms (RIFs) Each RIF has a unique 13 digit number that identifies the document. In this numbering system, the first three digits represent the agency that provided the record. In my last post I provided a webpage I compiled of all the agency numbers I had found.

After posting the article, I wrote NARA asking if any information on these was available, and was promptly answered by Martha Murphy, who sent me a list of agency numbers, the full titles of the agencies/archives which provided the records, and the record groups (RG) at NARA where further materials from these agencies can be found.

This is a list I have been looking for for a long time, so I have converted it to a table and posted it here.

I have also added to NARA’s list some of the other agency numbers I found earlier. These are marked with an asterisk to indicate which numbers are not from NARA. This version of the list omits extraneous material in the earlier version showing where I got the numbers, since I now have a more authoritative source. I believe there are still at least one or two agency numbers to add, and perhaps a clarification for the confusing agency number 179. Hopefully the complete list will soon appear at NARA. Consider this a sneak preview.

Post script: The agency number list is up at NARA. It is posted here.
Imagine my embarrassment when I found out that it has been up since 2005! (according to the Wayback Machine.) It does not include all of the agency numbers I found, e.g. Eisenhower Presidential Library, Carter Presidential Library, Presidential Foreign Intelligence Advisers Board. To find these, check my table.