New reports on the ARC releases

[First posted on July 7, 2018, at]

I have recently come across two 2018 reports on the final (?) ARC releases from NARA. The first of the two is Special Report No. 18-SR-07 and was released on 29 March 2018. It was issued by NARA Inspector- General James Springs and evaluates NARA’s compliance with the 1992 JFK Assassination Records Collection Act.

The second report is 2017 & 2018 JFK Releases: Progress, Issues, Recommendations and is dated 18 June 2018. The author, Rex Bradford, is President of the Mary Ferrell Foundation. Oddly, the report doesn’t seem to be up at the Mary Ferrell website yet. I found it at the AARC website.

I’ll post on these after I’ve had a careful look. I’m especially interested in Bradford’s review; I’d like to see a more detailed explanation of some of the problems which the MF webpage on the releases criticizes.