ARRB resource page added

[First posted on May 17, 2018, at]

I have finally put together a webpage to hold all of the lists and links I have been using in my posts on the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB). In addition, I have also started to add material from other websites as well.

The new page includes a link to a list of articles originally posted as a site called ‘Fair Play’, run by John Kelin. Unfortunately, this site is now completely off-line, preserved only by the Wayback Machine at The articles I list here were a series written by Joe Backes, who followed the ARRB’s activities very closely. Backes attempted for the first months of the ARRB’s existence to read, summarize, and critique all of the records released by the ARRB.

He was of course totally overwhelmed by the release of tens of thousands of records, but the series represents at least some of the early response to the ARRB’s work, and is worth a look. Beware, however, that there is much confusion on which records were released when. Backes tries to divide the releases into ‘Batches’, but these don’t match up with the Federal Register notices that the Board published, in part because there were often delays before the Board’s unredacted versions of the records reached NARA’s reading rooms.

The list of Backes’ articles is here.

Or go to the new link page here to see what else is up.