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NARA 21 is a recent version of the JFK ARC database (17 May 2021). It has the standard metadata for individual items in the collection, and is updated to reflect the current status of documents in the collection: redacted, withheld, or released.

More on Biden’s memo

An interesting note posted yesterday on W. Tracy Parnell’s blog, The JFK Files. Parnell summarizes some of the response to President Biden’s memo on the release of ARC files (see here). The response, from some, was much stronger than I expected. Another notch against my reputation for prognostication.…

Biden’s memo

President Biden has finally spoken on the release of records under the JFK Act. In a memo released October 22, 2021, Biden ordered NARA to begin preparation for further releases, including putting the entire JFK Assassination Records Collection online. The memo is available here.

A closer look

The memo is long, specifying lots more paperwork for agencies (primarily the CIA) who want to continue redacting their documents, plus short term, mid term, and long term plans for release of more info.…

NARA 21, part 8: More updates to the JFK database

I am still looking at NARA 21, the updated version of the JFK ARC database. I have had recent correspondence with NARA on the status of the database that corrects a couple of my earlier posts.

“Declassify” records

The first correction here is on the 13 records in the updated JFK database labeled “declassify”.…

NARA 21, part 6: Redacted CIA records – duplicates

This note takes up some general issues in the ARC, but since it looks at them in the context of the latest information on redactions, call it my sixth note on NARA 21, the updated version of the JFK ARC database (available here). NARA 21 incorporates the 2017-2018 ARC releases, and is therefore essential when looking at redaction issues.…

NARA 21, part 5: Redacted CIA records – short

This is my fifth note on NARA 21, the updated version of the JFK ARC database (available here). See the first note in this series for more details on the what, when, why of NARA 21.

This note continues the topic I took up in my fourth note: What kind of material is redacted in Collection records and how extensive are these redactions?…